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With SPEEDMAX, KNOCHE has a new, highly-efficient tool for residual plant shredding in its portfolio.

The two consecutively arranged 390 mm diameter rollers have opposing blades. That ensures a very narrow crosscuton the soil. KNOCHE describes the roller construction without inner axis as “OPEN Cage” technology. This technology particularly comes into its own when faced with large amounts of residual plants or on wet soil. The material is literally catapulted out in the centre. A further benefit of KNOCHE SPEEDMAX are its short roller sections. Each element is just 75 cm wide. That allows for optimised adaptation to the soil contour. Unevenness caused by tractor tracks are then also worked. The SPEEDMAX can be used at speeds of up to 25 km/h – with extremely low fuel consumption.

The KNOCHE SPEEDMAX is offered in 1.5 m, 3.0 m, 4.5 m and 5.6 m working widths.


Our new short disc harrow, CROSSMAX, sets new standards with innovative technology and fresh design.

More efficient work and cos savings through autopilot control is only possible in practice if the agricultural machines follow suit The new CROSSMAX is up to this challenge and traverses the field extremely precisely thanks to its x-shaped discs. With its even pull, only possible with the x-shape, the tool follows the precise line of the tractor.

CROSSMAX also provides the option of using various front tools, enabling blockkage-free work when faced with considerable plant residue, for instance. Maintenance-free bearings are included as standard. Hydraulic working depth adjustment is an optional extra. The CROSSMAX can be fitted with ten different roller types fron the KNOCHE range.

The CROSSMAX short disc harrow is offered in 3.0 m, 4.5 m and 6.0 m working width.


Cambridge rollers are indispensable for passive soil tillage.
Whether re-compacting of the germination horizon, breaking up of clods if there is puddling, closing of voids in order to protect the soil from snails and root voles, formation of a crumb structure on the soil surface or rolling down frozen seeds in spring, KNOCHE Cambridge rollers are extremely versatile, have a high dead weight, shafts made of special steel with a diameter of 50 mm, high-precision and robust ball bearings as well as a large ring diameter (510 mm). Short components facilitate an automatic and precise adaption to ground contours of the Cambridge roller and the reduction of bearing loads and shaft stresses.
KNOCHE Cambridge rollers guarantee good soil tillage across the entire working width. Thus, these machines facilitate an even re-compacting of the soil.

KNOCHE Cambridge rollers are available in working widths from 1,40 m to 12,20 m.


For many years, the short disc harrow KNOCHE DISCMAX proves effective for passive soil tillage. A first, shallow stubble working is important for a rapid spread of volunteer plants and weed seeds.
The short disc harrow DISCMAX ensures that the soil is moved across the full working area. Thus, the capillarity is interrupted so that the soil does not dry up. The intensive and shallow working in of crop residues protects your field from erosion and puddling. Thus, rotting is facilitated. The big, serrated discs can be inclined and ensure breaking up of clods as well as good crumbling. They provide optimal germination conditions! Packer rollers that are arranged behind this disc harrow facilitate the necessary re-compacting of the germination horizon.

Mounted short disc harrows DISCMAX are available in working widths from 2,50 m to 6 m and semi-mounted types are available in working widths from 7,50 m to 9 m.


As semi-mounted machine the compact disc harrow KNOCHE SEM has proven effective for passive soil tillage. Its big, serrated discs facilitate a sufficient breaking up of clods during the first shallow stubble working.
The compact disc harrow SEM works in huge quantities of crop residues, catch crops and organic fertiliser near the surface into hard and dry soils. The soil is moved across the full working area. Thus, the capillarity is interrupted so that the soil does not dry up.

The low pull power requirements save fuel and guarantee a high area efficiency. The user-friendly machine is equipped with a rugged frame and low-maintenance double taper roller bearings. It is also characterized by a good manoeuvrability by means of its middle chassis.

The semi-mounted compact disc harrow KNOCHE SEM is available in working widths from 3 m to 6 m.


The classic machine among the disc harrows is extremely versatile and ideal for corn stubble working.
The front elements of the KNOCHE V-shaped disc harrows are equipped with big, notched discs that penetrate the soil in a secure manner. The big, plain discs in the second row facilitate a good levelling of the soil and the outside hollow discs guarantee a good connection to the soil. The compact construction of this disc harrow, the low-maintenance double taper roller bearings and the good manoeuvrability prove the user-friendliness.

KNOCHE V-shaped disc harrows are available in working widths from 1,30 m to 3 m in case of three-point linkage and coupled types are available in working widths from 2,50 m to 3 m.


The universally applicable KNOCHE X-shaped disc harrows even work in huge quantities of crop residues, catch crops and organic fertilisers into the soil in an aggressive and secure manner.
By means of serrated discs at the front and plain discs at the rear you will get a flat, evenly mixed field. Low-maintenance double taper roller bearings, good manoeuvrability, the compact construction of the disc harrow as well as the low center of gravity for the transport make the disc harrow user-friendly. The almost symmetrically positioned discs facilitate a smooth and straight running of the machine. By means of its high dead weight the machine even penetrates dry, hard soils in a secure manner. Also use KNOCHE X-shaped disc harrows for seedbed preparation! Thus, you achieve a high degree of utilisation of the machine and increase profitability.

KNOCHE X-shaped disc harrows are available in working widths from 2,40 m upwards, in case of three-point linkage up to 3,40 m and coupled types are available in working widths up to 7,80 m.


By means of the high, rugged frame made of quality steel and wide bar distance with good passability KNOCHE wing share cultivators and deep cultivators operate blockage-free and ensure an optimal crumb structure – the best prerequisite for an effective stubble working and good soil condition.
Curved tines “Mammuth” equipped with narrow shares, bar-point shares and wing shares facilitate the excellent straw incorporation as well as a shallow working in of crop residues, volunteer plants and weed seeds. The adjustable angle of attack of tines ensures that the machine penetrates the soil in a secure manner even under hard conditions. The notched ridging discs distribute straw evenly and level the soil surface behind the cultivator in a
good way. A wide range of rear rollers is available for re-compacting the soil.

KNOCHE wing share cultivators are manufactured using two or three bars and are available in working widths from 2,20 m to 5,50 m.


The KNOCHE ECO-CULTIVATOR was especially developed to meet the special requirements of organic agriculture. The three-bar cultivator is used for mechanical weed management and stubble working.
Its sweeps with a width of 285 mm overlapping by 80 mm during the operation cut weeds completely. By means of the spring-loaded tines the shares can oscillate so that a better soil penetration and the formation of an optimal crumb structure are guaranteed. It is also possible to avoid obstacles easily that way. The double-coiled square tine even guarantees a good passability in case of a clearance of 530 mm and working depths up to 12 cm. By means of the height-adjustable support wheels you will get a consistent working depth and the coulter forms a clean and precise working edge. The rear roller is used to re-compact the soil. A following tine that is arranged behind the rear roller levels the soil surface and facilitates the demixing of the soil. Thus, crop residues and clods are left near the soil surface and protect the field from erosion. Loose weeds are placed on the surface so that they can dry up. Height and inclination of the following tine are adjustable. In this way, the following tine adapts optimally to the circumstances.

The KNOCHE ECO-CULTIVATOR is available in the following working widths: 3 m, 4,50 m and 5 m. In a working width from 4,50 m upwards the machine is fully hydraulically foldable. The ECO-CULTIVATOR can be equipped with all types of rollers that are available in our product range.


The chisel cultivator KNOCHE BISON loosens and drains compacted soils at a depth of up to 60 cm.
Due to small working gaps the lower soil layers remain on the ground. The mechanical breaking up of compacted soil layers improves the supply of water and air to plants, prevents puddling if there is heavy rainfall and counteracts increasing soil erosion.

The spikes of the tines are rotating. The chisel cultivator BISON is
equipped with a rugged frame made of quality steel and wear plates at the
struts. It is suited for loosening tramlines as well as a total area soil tillage.

The machine is available in working widths from 1,70 m to 4 m.


The single row chisel cultivator KNOCHE WISENT can be combined with active or passive soil tillage tools. By using a short disc harrow or another active soil tillage tool you can perfectly coordinate the different operations.
In case of a working width of 3 m the stable three-point frame picks up 2, 4 or 6 tines at the bottom spar. These can be distributed across the working width. By means of the straight tine “WISENT” the compacted soil is aerated even below the topsoil. Thus, optimal conditions for the root system of the field crops are facilitated even at a depth of up to 60 cm. Due to the simple, straight construction a lateral re-compacting and a re-compacting in the topsoil are not possible.


KNOCHE drill combinations prepare the soil so that it is ready for sowing. These machines are characterized by a high area efficiency, low wear, compact and stable construction and
low energy costs.

The perfect levelling of the soil by means of rollers and levelling bars, the precise depth guidance as well as the optimal re-compacting are the basis for germination, field emergence and plant growth.

The compact drill combination KNOCHE DK that is available in working widths from 2,50 m to 4 m is suited for light to medium soils.

The drill combination TERRA is used for medium to heavy soils. The heavy tillage combination that is equipped with supporting roller at the front, spring-loaded levelling bars, tine section that is arranged in parallel, supporting roller at the rear and additional crumbling roller facilitates a modern seedbed preparation which suits local conditions. The drill combination is available in working widths from 3 m to 9 m.


KNOCHE seedbed combinations prepare an optimal seedbed for high-quality yields and meet the requirements of a modern seedbed preparation which suits local conditions.
These machines are characterized by a high area efficiency, low wear and low energy costs. A perfect levelling of the soil by means of crumbling rollers and levelling bars as well as a precise depth guidance facilitate an excellent coarse/fine distribution of the soil in the seedbed. By means of the rugged frames made of quality steel and the compact construction seedbed combinations are very stable.

For light to medium soils we recommend our carrying frames for harrows ETH and our seedbed combination KH. These well-proven machines that are equipped with heavy harrows, harrows with long tines, harrows with back gare tines or harrow sections with harrow tines suspended on chains and crumbling rollers at the rear are available in working widths from 2,90 m to 8,40 m.

The seedbed combinations KNOCHE KOMBIMAX and KNOCHE PROMAX are designed for medium and heavy soils. The seedbed combination KOMBIMAX is available in working widths from 3,00 m to 7,20 m and it is very well suited for sugar-beet growing. The heavier seedbed combination PROMAX is available in working widths from 3 m to 9 m.


In economic terms, the European corn borer is one of the most devastating maize pests in Germany.
When maize fields are infested by European corn borers, the consequences will be devastating for cattle breeders and biogas plant operators. Apart from lower forage quality due to increased mycotoxin rates and reduced yields, this also results in multi-annual cultivation bans concerning these soil surfaces that have been infested by European corn borers.

In order to combat the European corn borer successfully, it is necessary to perform rape stubble working by means of a high shock power and in an effective and economically reasonable way in autumn. The corn borer bugaboo manufactured by KNOCHE chops the rape stubbles just above the root so that humidity and air can enter the inside of the corn stalk. The rotting of rape stubbles in winter destroys the habitat of the European corn borer. Therefore nature is a helpful and strong partner concerning the control of the European corn

The ZÜNSLERSCHRECK is an agricultural machine for the control of the European corn borer that in comparison to other systems results in a range of important advantages for farmers, machinery cooperatives and entrepreneurs as for example high area efficiency and small amount of power, good adaption to ground contours by means of separately suspended elements, low lifting power due to its short construction, high efficiency, low fuel consumption, high flexibility of use, low wear and low maintenance.

The ZÜNSLERSCHRECK can also be coupled to the tractor’s front hydraulic system. Together with a short disc harrow coupled to the rear of the tractor this system facilitates a high shock power and an effective and cost-efficient control of the European corn borer and fusarium. The rape stubbles chopped by the corn borer bugaboo are buried in the middle of the thickness of the soil in the upper parts of the topsoil that are very suitable for the mobilisation of nutrients. This ensures a rapid and sustained rotting of maize plant residues.


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