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Welcome at KNOCHE Maschinenbau

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KNOCHE Maschinenbau looks back on a long family tradition – for over 225 years.
The company’s history started in 1790, when Hans Heinrich Knoche, farrier an armourer, took over the forge in Horsten.

The crafts business was run as a forge for five generations. In 1965 Heinrich Knoche took over the company and expanded it to its current state. Together with 40 employees Knoche Maschinenbau focuses on high quality and individual solutions. Machines manufactured by Knoche are used in Germany, Europe and in many parts of the world. Whether sugar-beet farmers from the circuit near Magdeburg, agricultural cooperatives from Romania or soy bean producers from Japan – all trust in the high-quality technology from Lower Saxony.


That is why you should also trust in machines manufactured by KNOCHE:


After harvest soil tillage is carried out. A good stubble working is the basis for a high-yielding harvest. By this means there is lower pest infestation and there are fewer weeds. Machines manufactured by KNOCHE are very useful for stubble working – also for your type of application:

The cultivator is equipped with tines “Mammuth” that are provided with shear bolt and automatic stone guard. The disc harrow is equipped with plain discs and serrated discs with a diameter from 400 to 700 mm – V-shaped, X-shaped or in the form of short discs. The ZÜNSLERSCHRECK® guarantees a good soil tillage due to a double roller.


Disc harrow and cultivator for straw stubble working and  ZÜNSLERSCHRECK® for corn stublle and rape stubble working.


After the primary soil tillage and before sowing the seedbed is prepared.

The soil structure is adapted perfectly to the seeds. The perfect soil condition is guaranteed by means of the variety of tools concerning the combinations. From traditional tines for heavy harrows to modern spring steel tines, from crumbling rollers to packer rollers, from simple levelling bars to packer rollers Crosskill you will find the suitable combination for your soil.

If the surface remains too loose after seedbed preparation, it will be suitable to use the Cambridge roller. It is an optimal machine for re-compacting the soil.


Seedbed combination and drill combination as well as Cambridge roller.


After sowing the soil is prepared.The Cambridge roller makes sure that frozen seeds are well implanted in the ground. The restoration of soil capillarity renders possible a high-yielding harvest.

We manufacture machines for the stack of sugar beets on order – we are planning to manufacture machines for weed control.


Cambridge roller and machines for weed control.

Knoche Maschinenbau GmbH
Rotrehre 23
31542 Bad Nenndorf

Fon: +49 57 23 / 94 76 70

Fax: +49 57 23 / 94 76 86